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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rainbows & New Beginnings

Well hello there! :-) Dori here…signing back on at the Yellow House! I really enjoyed my blogging hiatus and I’ve come back just wanting to enjoy blogging again. When I went on my break, I must admit, I was a bit burnt out and had run out of stuff to say. In my time away, I reminded myself that blogging should be fun, not a chore. I will say though, that I will inevitably run out of things to write about still sometimes, but I won’t sweat it ;-) I guess what I’m saying is that I’m happy to be back blogging, but now I come back after having taken a humongous chill pill…lol.

On the day that I started my blogging break, I saw something beautiful that always gives me a good vibe when I’m given the chance to see it. I saw this…

Right after I wrote my post about taking my break, I looked outside and saw this beauty. And this time it wasn’t a fragment like I’ve seen in times past, it was a full rainbow and it was so big that I couldn’t get it all in the photo. I took this photo out in the backyard and then I went out front and it was like the rainbow was RIGHT THERE with me. It was SO beautiful!!! It looked like it was pulsating and grew right before my eyes. I felt such peace :-)

So as the rainbow evaporated, I knew that any apprehension that I had felt about stepping away from my little corner of the internet, was melting away too. My blog would be fine without me while I took some time for some renewal and to sort some other things out.

Now I’m ready to write here again. I love words and getting to string them together here in this space is a blessing. Life is the biggest blessing. So onward I go and I hope that you’ll come along with me again… :-)

P.S. ~ As you may have noticed, I did a little bit of freshing up around here with my blog design. It's still a work in progress...kind of like life ;-) But I thought that it was about time to shake things up a bit, so I hope you like it. Have a great day! :-)


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Welcome back honey. What a wonderful feeling to have a rainbow right there with you when your making a big decision.
Glad you got to take a break and enjoy some time off.
Love your new look and looking forward to reading your post again
Enjoy your week

Lidian said...

Welcome back! :)

Emm said...

Hiya! Welcome back!

Bloggers should have to take an oath and that should be the very first line: "I promise to enjoy my blog and not let it become a chore". We've al been there and I am so glad you've made it back!

Diane Corriette said...

Yes it is good to see you back. I love reading your posts so keep them coming :)

Duni said...

Hi Dori,

SO glad you are back! The rainbow looks magical. Lucky you to have seen it :)
Your blog looks great!!

Have a great day,


ElizOF said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you have rejoined us just as I am about to take five myself LOL!
I've always enjoyed your blog and I'm sure you will have plenty to say after your hiatus.
I saw a magnificent rainbow last week. I was exiting a CVS pharmacy with my kids and this huge colorful rainbow was before us.
I took pictures but, like you, I couldn't fit it all in my camera frame. It was amazing!
Thanks for stopping by my blog too.
Glad to have you back.

RE -BadGalsRadio.com said...

Hey There Mamm.. things look really nice. love the new template and fresh blogging attitude. Keep it Going Girly; you already know that it's easier once you get started - just flow with it.