Friday, August 01, 2008

London on a Thursday

Yesterday, Brit Boy and I took a trip into London and it was a great treat for a normal week day. We went up to have dinner with a friend of mine and their family from back home in Georgia, who was stopping in London for a couple of days and then they were going on a cruise to visit Spain, France, and Italy. What a trip, huh? (smile) Brit Boy and I went up on the train at about 3:30pm and then took the night train back at about 10:45.

On the way up, Brit Boy and I laughed to ourselves, when we heard someone on their mobile phone speaking loudly and saying, “Yeah, I’m on the train.” We laughed to ourselves because there seems to always be someone on the train who is speaking loudly and they say they are on the train. (smile) We thought it was hilarious though when, guess what…my friend called me ‘on the train’. (laugh) My friend was calling me to ask for sure where we were eating again. Of course the train got really quiet right then and so I tried to muffle my voice and willed myself not to say, “I’m on the train.” (laugh)

We got to London around 4:30, so we had about an hour and a half until our dinner. We had arrived at Paddington Station and then took the tube from there to Piccadilly Circus. We had a walk around to kill time and ended up in Leicester Square. It’s fun to walk around there. Lots of activity. Then we headed back to meet up with my friend. Our dinner turned out nice and my friend even picked up the tab for everyone, so it was really good. (smile)

After dinner, we parted from our dinner companions because they were tired and wanted to get some rest before heading out early today. So Brit Boy and I had a walk around London and it was great. It was just great to be in London on a Thursday evening. Here are a few photos from Trafalgar Square. We sat at the fountains and had an ice cream. It was a lovely place to watch the sun go down.

I like it when life offers you the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary like this. We usually plan ahead a lot when we go to London since it is a good distance away from us and this was sort of on the spur of the moment. So it just kind of felt like we were out playing on a school night…it was great. We felt like little kids almost. So I hope that we get the chance to play again like that.

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