Friday, May 29, 2015

A Friday Photo and Some Ducks

Today's Friday photo as you can see is one featuring some feathered friends. I took this photo in June 2012. That was a prolific time for my picture taking I think, because a lot of the photos that I've shared lately are from that time. Lol. I took a lot of photos on this day in particular because it was a beautiful day and it was such a lovely place to walk.

I spent long stretches just watching the ducks go back and forth. It was mesmerizing. Nature is like that isn't it? :-)

I used to have a pet duck named "Duck Duck" when I was a little girl, but my duck didn't look like these. She was a fluffy white duck. I was very I wasn't great with the unique naming at that point. That was one interesting duck. I remember that she loved cornbread and whenever anyone came into the driveway she would bark like a dog or in her case quack! Lol. My daddy built a little house for her and one of my favorite memories of my dad was him leading her to her house in the evening with cornbread crumbs. Those were good times :-)

So when I saw these ducks I thought of my duck and they really took me back.

Well that's all for my trip down memory lane and all things duck-related ;-)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend! Take care and have fun!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Feeling Better and Eurovision

Hi :-)

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better. I'm still not 100%, but I'm certainly feeling much better than I felt this time last week. I'm so grateful for that. Over the weekend I took it easy. I made myself rest because sometimes I'll be lying there just thinking about what I could be getting done instead of lying in bed. But I think that I've been cured of that this time around :-) I took the time to slow down and just let myself heal and it gave me a new perspective on self-care. The longer you go along without getting rest and letting yourself heal, the longer it will take for you to actually get better. So I have a whole new appreciation for being more patient with my body and letting it rebuild.

I mostly read over the weekend and I watched some television. I started reading this new book...well it's a book that I've had for a while, but it's new because I've never read it. I've mentioned in a previous post about my recovery as a book "collector" and how I'm trying to break the cycle of letting my books pile up without reading them. I realized that I have a case of tsundoku. Lol. You can check out my short post about that here. Anyway, I pulled a good one from my book pile and I'll be writing soon about this interesting book :-)

I also watched one of my favorite things...the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. This is one of my favorite things to watch every year since I've been living here. It's fun to watch singers from the different countries compete for the top prize. There are some good songs, but what I love the most is seeing how intriguing the performances are. Sometimes participants show up dressed in wild costumes and it's a feast for the eyes for a viewer like myself who loves a bit of quirkiness  ;-) The winner this year was from Sweden. Congratulations to them! I'm looking forward to next year.

Sunday was my first day of sitting up for longer stretches and I did pretty well. Yesterday was a bank holiday here so I had another day to rest and I think that it did me good. I'm slowly getting back to normal...fingers crossed.

I hope that everyone has a great week! I'll be back with another post in a day or two as I get back on schedule :-)

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Friday Photo and Not Feeling Well

Hi :)

I just wanted to do a quick check in. I won't be having my regular Friday photo post for today because I'm a bit under the weather. Therefore, this is an entry that's depicting very current events. I haven't felt well all week. I'm gonna take it easy and hopefully I'll be back to full strength next week. I'll be here in this bed if anyone needs me ;-)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Short Weekend Report...It's All About Books

It was a bookish weekend around here. I read some and I wrote a bit also. I finished that paranormal romance book that I was reading. It was okay. It was a good guilty pleasure. Now I'm sort of going from one book to the other trying to find what I want to read next. It's like taste testing books. Lol. I have a huge stack of books that I've been collecting over the years and I'm now in a phase of actually reading them and not just having them there hanging out on the shelf or on my nightstand. Apparently there's a Japanese word for it...tsundoku. You can read about it here. That's me all over, so I'm in the recovery stage right now. Lol. I'm actually enjoying going through my books. It's like going to a tiny library. Needless to say, a few months ago I put a moratorium on buying anymore books for a long while. It saves money and space :-)

As for my writing, I worked on my book a little bit on Saturday. It's coming together more and more, so I'm grateful for this happening. I've been wrestling with some second-guessing demons, but I just decided to let that go and just write. I'm keeping at it!

I hope that you had a great weekend doing whatever you were doing. Have a great day!