Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Book Spotlight: The Ladies of Grace Adieu

Recently I've been mentioning quite a bit that I'm working on taking the time to finally read through my piles of books that have been sitting around the house for a few years unread. Wow...I just typed YEARS, but it's true. Eek! Lol. I love books as you'll know if you've visited me before and I have put my hand up to admit that I have tsundoku, but I'm recovering very nicely ;-)

I've mentioned in one of my recent posts that I've been reading this interesting book and I promised to share the title and a bit about it. Well, I'm finally following through :-)

The book in the photo above is what I've been reading. It's called as you can see, The Ladies of Grace Adieu and it's by Susanna Clarke. I picked up this book at a bookstore in Bath quite a few years ago and I've finally gotten around to reading it. I really enjoyed it. It's a beautifully quirky collection of short stories about a fantasy world that the author has created filled with those practicing magic.

Each story offers a fun way to escape as a reader and I loved going on this interesting journey. The various characters have different experiences with magic and yet the stories all tie together so beautifully around the theme. This is not usually something that I would read, but it was great to experience a world that I wouldn't usually get to know much about. I'm glad that something made me pick this book up all those years ago as I browsed around that bookstore in Bath.

Another thing that I absolutely loved about this book were the illustrations. They are whimsical and beautiful and add so much to the aesthetic feel of the book. The illustrations are done by Charles Vess, an artist from Virginia.

If you're interested in reading something different and beautifully creative then this just might be the book for you.

Friday, July 03, 2015

A Friday Photo and More Flowers That Last

Today's Friday photo is very similar to last Friday's post. This is true, but I promise it's not a cop out post because I can't think of anything to share. Not at all. I'm actually having a good time looking through some photos that I haven't seen in a while in order to have more to share. I'm realizing that I've taken pictures of a lot of things from the mundane to the interesting over the years. I hope that you'll keep coming back to see what I find :-) Forgive me if I bore you sometimes. Lol. Still, I hope you'll come back each week.

Anyway, as I've been looking through my old photos I've come across quite a few pictures of flowers that I've received or just had around the house over the years. As I mentioned earlier, last week's Friday post here featured some lovely flowers and I talked about how photographing flowers can make them last a long time after they're gone. I love that idea. You can't touch the flowers or smell them anymore, but you can see them and the memories come flooding back if you're lucky :-)

These particular flowers are from four summers ago according to the date stamp. What a lovely sunny summer bouquet and their beauty is still here to enjoy!

Have a great weekend! 

To everyone back home in the USA or to those who are abroad like me...

Happy July 4th!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Product Review: Uncommon Goods

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out some lovely things from Uncommon Goods. They have a truly unique selection of items and I was thrilled to get this chance. First of all, I'd like to tell you a bit about Uncommon Goods.

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Uncommon Goods is a privately-owned retailer that endeavors to feature unique designs and handcrafted gifts created in harmony with the environment and without harm to animals or people.

As an independently-owned business, they have the freedom to support causes they believe in and positively impact the world. With every purchase, Uncommon Goods is proud to donate $1 to your choice of their not-for-profit partner organizations. Since they started their Better to Give program 15 years ago, they have donated over $1,000,000 dollars to charities around the world! Their commitment to helping others is truly wonderful.

The items that I chose are the Flavor Infuser Water Bottle, the Ticket Stub Diary, and the Live Well Earrings. It was great to sample items of different types as it has given me a varied view of the many things that they have to offer. It's wedding season and I must say that Uncommon Goods is a great place to find some wonderful gifts for weddings or any occasion.

Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

The Flavor Infuser Water Bottle is really great. I'm always trying to get my water intake up each day and this handy bottle has been helpful for me. It has made drinking water a bit more interesting because I'm able to add my favorite fruits to my drink. It's a refreshing treat. The bottle is a great size and has a 16 oz. capacity. It's great to carry around.

Ticket Stub Diary

The Ticket Stub Diary is really cool. I love to go to concerts and different events. For years I've just been shoving my various ticket stubs onto what I call the "important shelf". It's nothing grand...just an open space on my bookshelf that I'm always meaning to organize. Well now I have! Thanks to my new ticket stub diary, I can slide my various memories into the sleeves and preserve them forever. The diary has clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes and there is space in the margin to write down memories. The pages are acid-free so your tickets will be preserved for a long time. The Ticket Stub Diary is great if you're like me and finally ready to get more organized. Uncommon Goods has something for basically everyone and if you want to add a personal touch they have personalized gifts like the ones found here.

Live Well Earrings

And lastly, I got the Live Well Earrings which are just beautiful. These lovely earrings are designed by artist Mary Steratore. First of all, I love the name because it makes me think about having a zest for life and living fully. I was also drawn to them because the garnet is my birthstone. These pretty earrings have a dangling, sterling silver bar that is a Maori symbol called a roimata, which means "teardrop". However, it's used to represent comfort, healing, and strength. The sterling silver bar is set off by a pendant of square-cut garnet. As I mentioned, my birthstone is the garnet, but I wasn't aware of the properties associated with them. Apparently garnets are believed to promote vitality, courage, passion, and love. Who knew? These beautiful earrings are exquisitely made and are so delicate and lightweight when worn. I adore them! Uncommon Goods has so much lovely jewelry for anniversaries or unique gifts for friends and family too, so check out some of their wonderful items here.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting a chance to review these three products. They are all well-made and will be enjoyed for a long while to come. I absolutely love the eclectic range of products that they offer. It's a wonderful site to visit if you want to get something just that extra bit special for someone in your life.

*Disclosure: I was sent these products free of charge for review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Hello July

Happy July!!!!

I can't believe that we're halfway through the year already.

I like July 1st because I've always seen it as a reset button if I need it or a progress milestone in my life. I often will mark the day as one to regroup and recommit to whatever I'm doing. January 1st is the beginning of the year of course and it's the start of a whole new year, but I like July 1st also. Any day of the year can be a new start if we want, this is true. However, I love this midpoint day too as a day of renewal if that's what we want :-)

So I hope that everyone has a wonderful July 1st whether you use it as a new beginning or  if you just like July. Lol.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful new month wherever you are!